Copano Bay Watershed

According to the 2010 Texas Integrated Report for Clean Water Act Sections 305(b) and 303 (d), segments of Copano Bay on the Texas Gulf Coast is not suitable for harvesting oysters because of elevated bacteria (fecal coliform) concentrations from various sources. In addition, recreation in the tidal segments of the Mission and Aransas rivers is impaired due to levels of bacteria (Enterococcus) that exceed water quality standards.

Map of Copano BayThe Texas AgriLife, Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI) is currently working with local stakeholders to implement a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) project that will determine how much bacteria can enter each waterbody on a daily basis and still meet water quality standards. Additionally, TWRI and local stakeholders are working to develop a strategy on how to best address the water quality impairment, known as an Implementation Plan.

Through these efforts, the final product will be a locally developed path forward to be implemented as the water quality issues and concerns within the Copano Bay watershed are addressed.

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